7 things you may not know about Bonfire Night.

Last month, I did a fun themed post. I researched a little bit about Halloween and where our traditions came from, if your interested you can have a read here. It was received really well, and led to me being asked to do a Bonfire related one if I had the chance. Heard and noted, loud and clear. Again like my previous fun fact post, I don’t claim that these are the absolute truth or facts, it’s just a bit of fun. So let’s dive in and get some fun facts about why we ‘remember remember the 5th of November’:

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  1. 36 barrels of gunpowder were to be used during the attempt to blow up Parliament. Some say this would be plenty, whereas others argue that the gunpowder was too old and wouldn’t have exploded as expected.
  2. An anonymous letter was sent to a baron, telling him to avoid the House of Lords on 5th November. This letter was made public and led to the search and discovery of the Gun Powder Plot.
  3. Guy Fawkes was arrested whilst guarding the gun powder (which was hidden under wood and coal) underneath Parliament. Talk about being caught red handed.
  4. The plot aimed to kill the protestant King James I, and replace him with a catholic Queen.
  5. Guy Fawkes was 35 years old and not the ring leader of the plot. He was tortured in the Tower of London until he revealed the names of his other conspirators. Though, they were all due to be executed, Fawkes jumped from the hangman’s scaffolding and broke his neck.
  6. Firework celebrations were allowed with permission of King James I, to celebrate his survival.
  7. The cellar where the plot took place no longer exists as it was destroyed in a fire in 1834.

I found some of them really interesting, I never knew that Guy Fawkes wasn’t the ring leader. If you aren’t familiar with Bonfire Night/Firework Day then check out this article by BBC Newsround to get some what informed with a piece of British history.


Did you know any of these fun facts? Do you have any fun facts of your own about Bonfire Night? Do you have any traditions you follow?

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Goals of November.

November has arrived.

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2016 is just speeding by. October was a month of mixed emotions and events for me. I had some downs and tears but some great moments and memories too (finding out the gender of baby #2 especially made October special). On the blogging front I achieved some small milestones that made me especially proud, like:

They are relatively small achievements, but ones that have made me super proud and happy especially as I put lots of blogging effort in throughout October. Reflecting has made me aware of these achievements and given me a bit of motivation to continue on in the direction I am going. November isn’t usually a positive month of me. This time last year, we found out that our landlord was selling and we needed to be out of the house for January (which over the Christmas period wasn’t ideal as you can imagine and I cannot believe it’s been a year), it’s also the fifteenth year anniversary of my mothers death too. So you can see why I am a bit gloomy going into this eleventh month of the year. With it being the beginning of the month I thought it was perfect to set some new goals and go into November with a positive mind. Here we go:

  • Hit 2000 Twitter followers
  • Hit 200 followers on Instagram (this is my newest social media platform so want to be realistic) 
  • Reach 50 followers on Pinterest
  • Beat Octobers monthly views
  • Post at least three times a week
  • By the end of November, have a least first week of December’s posts scheduled (eek I can’t believe it’s December next month!)
  • Take part in a twitter chat at least once a week

Again, these are small goals but I would rather be realistic and have a shot at hitting them, then deflate myself if I fail to do so as they were so unreachable. So November, let’s be having you!


Do you have any achievements you are proud of from October? Do you have a particular goal you want to reach by the end of November? 

Sunshine Blogger Award: My answers and nominations.

Isn’t it wonderful when someone thinks of you? Whether that’s thinking of you and giving you a phone call, popping in for a nice cup of tea or even surprising you a bunch of flowers randomly. We all like being thought about. Even more so in the blogging community. So I was absolutely delighted that my fellow blogger Mrs Mummy Harris (do give her a visit, she does so truly wonderful posts like this) tweeted me to inform me she had nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award. Many of you have probably stumbled across this, or even been nominated yourself well done if so, but it’s not an award that requires a trophy and speech but an award where five bloggers are nominated to answer ten questions (given to them by their nominated blogger) to answer in a new blog. So here we go, my ten questions and my five nominated bloggers!

Text with sunshine graphic

1) Who was your childhood celebrity crush? You know what, I don’t even recall. My only teenage crush that sticks out in my mind, and yes I’m still a sucker for him, is Cristiano Ronaldo (insert judgemental comments here). But in my defence, 1 – he isn’t a bad looking egg, and 2 – I fancied him when he was a spotty teen starting out. Gee.

2) What has been your favourite post that you’ve written to date? I like everything I write, except my early things as I didn’t have a clue about blogging or what to do or write. But recently I really enjoyed writing about the sitcom Friends and what I feel each character taught us. It was just a lighthearted, spur of the moment post.

3) What advice would you give to fellow bloggers? Don’t take things too seriously. Even if you want to blog as a career eventually. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the pressures, the numbers, the seriousness of it all. Just write for you, about what you want and build yourself that way. Take a break when needed. It does you and your blog, the world of good and stops you burning yourself out.

4) If you could survive on one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Food in general. No? Well being 17 weeks pregnant and it currently being lunchtime, I literally could survive on anything for life. But I do love a nice juicy cheese burger. Yum yum yum!

5) What song would you say is the soundtrack to your life? Oooh. This requires some thought. There are so many amazing songs. I really love Beyonces – I Was Here. That song just gives me goosebumps and chills, I think it is so meaningful and can mean anything to anyone. Really motivates me to do some good. I’m definitely more of a look to the future person than sit and mope about the past, so this is a good song for that.

6) Who would you get to play you in a movie? I used to get referenced to Elle Wood’s (Reece Witherspoon’s character in Legally Blonde), so I think I would get her to play me in a movie. She’s blonde, fun and I think she’d be a good fit.

7) What are your aims for your blog? Goodness, this is something I’ve never actually really sat down and given some thought. For now, I just want to blog for me. Build a small readership and become more established. In the far future, I would love to make my blog my work. I love the idea of having the opportunity to work from home, to be able to write for a living. Seems a long, winding journey but it’s definitely my goal. Lots of work to do though before that is anywhere in reach.

8) Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor? These questions are tough ones. Well as a former dancer, I love Strictly. The thing is, I think they really drag it out. I don’t like the cheesy little ‘promos’ before each couple dance and sometimes it’s a bit like oh just get on with it. That being said, X Factor is loosing my respect rapidly. Understand it’s an entertainment show but how can it question why it’s loosing viewers when they don’t put through real talent? That being said when I think about Saturday night TV, I think X Factor sat on the sofa with my Hub2Me. I think it’s 60%/40% Strictly though.

9) What came first, the chicken or the egg? I can’t even answer this. Is it weird this is something that me and Hub2Be discuss regularly!

10) If you could vote anyone in as Prime Minister, who would it be? Judge Rinder all day. I love him. After seeing him more on Strictly I think he is absolutely brilliant. So yeah, he has my vote!

Now for my five nominated bloggers:

Kimberley over at Oh Just My Little Blog

Kat at Confessions Of A Working Mum Site

Bridget on Bridie By The Sea

A Setra over at Mummy Setra

Claire at That Mumma Rocks

10 questions to answer:

  1. If you could be any age for a week, what age would you be and why?
  2. Do you have any nicknames? If so, how did you get them?
  3. Do you have any phobias?
  4. What’s one thing you regret?
  5. If you could make one wish, what would it be?
  6. Would you rather go back and change the past or know your future?
  7. What is your favourite festive holiday?
  8. What is your dream job?
  9. If you could give yourself one piece of advice at 16 years old, what would it be?
  10. Why did you start blogging?

Don’t forget to tweet me when your post is live so I can check it out!



7 times Disney drove me mad.

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Right off the bat I’ll admit it. I love Disney (everyone does right?). But sometimes when watching these good for your soul, heart warming films  – you just stop for a minute and think ‘well that’s stupid’. Now I’m probably not the first person or the last person to notice these annoying plots lines but since my 21 month old is discovering Disney (and by discovering I mean watching nothing other than Disney expect the odd Peppa Pig episode), I feel it’s good for my parenting spirit to have a good old moan. Here are 7 times that Disney drove me mad:


1. Beauty and the Beast – we know that the Beast becomes who he is by turning away the disguised enchantress, who labels him as unkind and with no love in his heart. The spell is set to end when he turns 21 years of age. We even see the magical rose wilt, so we know that this date is looming. Fair enough right? BUT in the song ‘Be Our Guest’ the lyric says ‘ten years we’ve been rusting’ meaning that the Beast was a mere 10/11 year old boy when he answered the door and refused to let the strange woman in (and a pretty old looking one if we are going off the portrait of him hanging around the dusty castle) . Pretty standard 101 stranger danger though right? He did the right thing if you ask me. She seems like she has some issues with children to be honest. Oh and whilst we are at it –  what Prince opens his own palace door anyway with all that staff roaming around. I don’t buy it Disney.


2. Cinderella – now this really confuses me. I can’t watch this movie without saying this at one point. We all know the story, even if you’ve never watched the movie. Cinderella can’t go to the ball because of her super mean step family, Godmother turns up bibbity bobbity boop, Cinderella is transformed with all the required things she needs to go to the ball, ‘be back at Midnight’ yada yada yada. All is well. Come midnight, we see the dress, the carriage, horses, you name it all disappear back into it’s original state of nothingness…so how in the name of it, is a glass slipper able to just sit patiently on the ground waiting for Prince Charming to scoop it up. How?!


3. Frozen – this one is annoying as hell to be anyway if nothing else. So we all know Frozen (many of us not by our own choice) and how Elsa has powers she doesn’t understand and can’t control, so the choice is made to close her off from the world. Que annoying little sister Anna, knocking on her door everyday for god knows how many years and singing that song bloody snowman song (no wonder Elsa didn’t want to come out). The most annoying thing about all of this to me is…Anna is perfectly normal. Why can’t she go out? Make some friends? Take a trip? Live her life? Instead of clinging on to her sister and basically shutting herself off from the world. No sympathy for her. Seem’s like she’s making it all about her if I’m honest. No one said she had to be a prisoner. All woe me isn’t she?


4. Hercules – remember how Hercules not only saved the whole entire world, but was the only one who could do so and then just gave up his God status, that he worked so hard to gain back. Just so he could be with Meg who might I add probably definitely wouldn’t have even been interested in him if he wasn’t a God in the first place (I know boo me for beating down their relationship). Wouldn’t mind but Hercules spends the whole entire film singing and moaning about how he doesn’t fit in and all that jazz. When it all goes tits up, ends in a nasty divorce and you have nothing to fall back on because you missed your chance to connect with your family, don’t come crying to us Herc.


5. 101 Dalmatians – so we know the main plot line of Cruella de Ville wanting the puppies for a coat and that’s not my main issue in this film. The thing that really bugs me is why do Roger and Anita want to keep that many dogs?  I mean there house looks tiny, obviously there not going to fit 101 fully grown dalmatians in there, who could. Not like they life in a big grassy area either. The amount of money they are going to spend on vets bills, dog walkers and pet care is clearly a big no no for that many dogs straight away. What do they possibly need that many dogs for? It annoys me. I’m good with a baby, a bump and a cat.


6. Aladdin – aaah Aladdin. Okay Aladdin uses one of his wishes to become a Prince. All is fine and well right? WRONG. He then moans he won’t be able to keep up with this charade and won’t be able to set the genie free because of that reason. Okay. Anyway moving on, all is well and in the end the Sultan allows Jasmine to choose who ever she wishes to marry, obviously our main guy Al is the one. But isn’t he technically already a Prince since he wished for it and it was granted? He just chose to go back to being a civilian. Waste of the wish if you ask me.


7. Tangled – this is by far by my daughters favourite film at the moment, and I have literally watched it 4 times a day for the past week, so yeah, some things are really starting to get on my last nerve. Firstly let’s get one thing straight, King and Queen I’m talking to you here – you live in a castle and you’ve just had a baby, you either have a)a night nanny or b)guards constantly on watch of the baby. You certainly don’t sleep with your window and doors unlocked so crazy women can get in easily and undetected. Moving onto Rapunzel herself, if you have hair that long, you’re getting it caught in everything and on anything. Especially just freely running and wandering around the woods like it’s no big deal. You’d definitely have had that short brown do year’s earlier because you’d have to cut the knots out of hair that long I’m telling you (how short does it go when those kid’s braid it too). The thing that really annoys me though, Mother Gothel, is if you’re going to kidnap and hide away this princess, why would you give her the real birthday?! She wouldn’t want to see the lanterns on her birthday otherwise so you brought that on yourself. Stupid. Sidenote – if I had spent 18 years of my life growing this magical long hair and Eugene just cut if all off not even in a style, I wouldn’t be marrying him.

There we have it. Just a few of the things that get me feeling all sullen and huffy when watching this small selection of the Disney movies.


Do you have a particular Disney movie that annoys you for a certain reason? Why can’t they just make these films as flawless as we need them to be? What’s your favourite movie?

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