Autumn Favourites

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Summertime is over It’s Autumn.Little side note, this isn’t a post where I gloriously praise products and new clothes, as truth be told I haven’t bought anything new in weeks – and I haven’t bought anything specifically because it’s Autumn. Instead, here I will bask in all this Autumn like and little moments of joy Autumn brings to my simple life.

  1. Darker nights. I don’t know about you, but something about those darker nights really make me feel cosier. Especially on a Saturday night, just sat on the sofa with the family watching crappy Saturday night TV and with some comfy pjs on. Ah bliss.
  2. The colours. No one can mention Autumn without talking about the beautiful colours of the changing seasons. The amount of stunning pictures I’ve seen on my Instagram feed alone is enough to warm anyone’s heart. Truly, it is a season that makes you appreciate nature that little bit more.
  3. Stew and dumplings. For me, nothing says Autumn is here like a bowl of homemade beef stew with dumplings and a slice of bread. That is food that is good for your heart.
  4. Hot chocolates. Nothing beats coming in from a nice Autumn walk collecting leaves, acorns, conkers and sticks with your little ones and then sticking the kettle on and having a nice hot chocolate.
  5. Getting the comfy clothes out. Summer is over, not like we have much heat here in England, but Autumn see’s the big cosy coat brought out, along with your boots and scarf. Can you beat getting wrapped up and going on a nice walk in the crisp air?


Do you have a favourite thing about Autumn? Do you have any traditions you do in this season?

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Halloween Fun Facts.

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Halloween approaching at a scary speed meaning it’s appropriate to do a Halloween themed post (and my first Halloween post too). With the spooky holiday being Octobers main interest, I thought I’d do a bit of digging (nope not in the graveyard) and see how certain Halloween traditions we all know came to be:

  • Why do we dress up?: I’ve heard this before so maybe it’s pretty common knowledge, but I can’t do a Halloween post without bringing up the costumes. This originated from a Samhain tradition, which basically was a Gaelic festival to mark the end of the harvest and the welcoming of the ‘darker half of the year’. Back then they celebrated  New Year on November 1st, so believed that spirits of the dead were able to overlap with the living during the transition into the New Year. This is why they dressed up and impersonated evil spirits – to fool them into thinking they were one of them. I guess it just evolved over time and became the money devouring tradition we know today.
  • Why do we carve pumpkins?: There are a few different tales and versions of the ‘legend’ behind why we carve pumpkins but they all basically evolve around the same essence. Apparently, a village drunk named Jack, had a bit of a run in with the Devil and tricked him  – eventually when it was Jack’s time to leave this world and go on to either Heaven or Hell, he was turned away from both gates because of his trickery. The Devil gave Jack a lump of coal to light his way on his journey of purgatory – which Jack carried inside a hollow turnip (resourceful little fellow for a drunk). Once the story had been told amongst the villagers and locals, Irish families placed hollowed, carved turnips (some with scary faces on) in their homes to scare away Jack and any unwanted ghouls. When the holiday hit the United States, Irish immigrants realised that the pumpkin (native to America) was much better for carving – and so began the evolution of pumpkin carvings on Halloween!
  • Why does candy get given out on Halloween?: This apparently is based on the medieval custom called ‘souling’, which happened on All Souls Day. Early Christians made desserts and cakes, which were named ‘soul cakes’ to honour their dead. Children then went from house to house, offering to sing and pray for the dead loved ones upon receiving a cake (cheeky little monkeys even back in the day!).
  • Why do we say Trick or Treat?: This is a fairly recent tradition in the world of Halloween, first being mentioned around 1920s. Relating back to ‘souling’, children would go door to door, preforming little fun tricks such as telling jokes, reciting poems or singing, in exchange for a yummy treat. It then went on to become the request of a treat, in exchange for avoiding any annoyance to the house such as window soaping etc.
  • Why do we bob for apples on Halloween?: Now this one was a bit trickier to research as there’s a lot of speculation and arguing amongst historians about where and when it actually originated from, but this is just for fun so let’s not shy away. Supposedly it’s thought apple bobbing was related to fortune telling, originating in the British Isles. They believed that you had to catch an apple from the water in your mouth, peel it, pass the long peel three times around your head and then throw it over your shoulder, allowing it to fall to the ground and form a letter – which was the initial of your true love. I suppose it then got introduced into the Halloween festival maybe because of witch craft or something? Who knows, but it’s interesting to read!

Now I don’t claim that these fun facts are the absolute truth and reason as to why the many normal Halloween traditions of today came about, but I do think it’s interesting to read different interpretations and influences – seeing how these traditions have evolved and shaped the modern day festival we are familiar with today. Ending things on a Halloween note, here’s a 19th century ‘souling song’ that would have been sung for ‘soul cakes’ (extra points if you sing this if you go trick or treating this year):

A soul! a soul! a soul-cake!
Please good Missis, a soul-cake!
An apple, a pear, a plum, or a cherry,
Any good thing to make us all merry.
One for Peter, two for Paul
Three for Him who made us all.


Did you know where any of these ‘traditions’ came from? Do you know where any more originated from? Do you get involved in the spooky holiday?

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5 quotes to embrace happiness.


Sunday is often a day we reflect, make plans for the following week and mull over the week we have just had. I’ve seen some small improvements and successes in my blog (well I like to think) and this makes me proud, positive and happy. So on that note why not keep it nice and light – rounding off the week with some quotes that make us feel all happy and mushy inside. Here’s five of my best:

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Each quote can relate and mean something different to every person, so I’m not going to say what they mean to me as this s purely a reflection post. Instead I’ll leave you with this, remember that there is only one of you in this world and you are brilliant. Learn to love yourself, overly love those important to you, remember making mistakes is human, learn from you every day. You’re your own best teacher. Embrace you. Be happy!


What makes you happy? Do you have a favourite happiness quote? Anything this week that has lifted your spirits?

3 Amusing Motherhood Moments. 

We all have those moments where you simply can’t stop chuckling away at your child, whether it’s for good or bad reasons. Children are definitely interesting, unpredictable, spontaneous characters! I’ve had plenty of different moments over the last 18 month journey of motherhood. I’ve had the good, bad and the ugly. But after doing B’s 18 month update (which you can catch up on right here), I ended up reflecting on some of the funny moments my little one has brought me. So here we go, three amusing moments (in no particular order): 

  1. B is colouring with her crayons on a big roll of paper whilst I potter about cleaning after tea time. Oh crap, I’ve forgot the dustpan and brush! B is still colouring, only glancing up to check on what Iggle Piggle is up to every now and again. Surely I can just nip in the kitchen and grab it? Yeh B is still fully submerged in her masterpiece, go go go. *runs into the kitchen*. B isn’t colouring. In her hand she has a black biro pen (these things just appear at the worst times)… She’s stood near the walls. I have grey wallpaper in my living room. Where did that pen come from? Wait – when did the wallpaper have that pattern? No it can’t be? Yep. She’s drew on the wall. Ask B what that is on the wall, she says ‘allwiiite’ (translation alright) whilst shaking her head and hands. She disappears, stomping into the hallway, returns with hairspray (this was in the stairs to be taken up) with a look that without a doubt shows she means business and then proceeds to get a baby wipe…What in the world? B pretends to spray the pen mark and tries to wipe the pen mark… ‘Muma draw gone’. It took me a while to figure it out but a couple of weeks earlier B saw me get some pen off the wall with this technique, so she tried to get her mark off by doing this. I didn’t know whether to laugh at her or tell her off!
  2. B is playing with her toy baby. Walking Walzing around the living room, pushing the trolley and picking her baby up to cuddle and give ‘mall’ (translation milk) every so often. How cute? A few minutes later B shushing and says night night, if only getting a baby to sleep was this quick and easy and tear free, and toddles off happy that her dolly is content. The cat jumps up in the windowsill, knocking off the picture frame in the process. Que a bang. B stops in her tracks. It’s okay it’s just the cat being cheeky. B stares. Tuts and then charges over to the window sill, stopping when the cat is in front of her. ‘O dehur’ (translation oh dear), ‘baba na night’ she shouts pointing and frowning at the very confused cat. I wouldn’t like to be kitty now. B twirls round, rushes back to her babies pram and proceeds to rock the trolley back and forth, clearly getting the baby back to sleep. Karma but seriously I’m a little scared of this diva’ish behaviour. 
  3. B is in her bedroom, tottering around in her own little world and playing whilst I put away the huge pile of washing next to her wardrobe. B proceeds to go and sit in her toy car and pretends to drive to the ‘pops’ (translation shops). B is trying to strap her seat belt around her. Best help her before she stresses out. B gives me the stare down as I read into the car. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. ‘No Mumma’. I step back and leave her too it. Walking away I just hear a little voice say ‘illy gurl Mumma’. Surely not. My 18 month old didn’t just say that. 

So there you have it, a few moments that have brought a smile to my face. It’s funny what your little ones say and do, especially when they are at an age where they seem to pick up on everything (even things you wish they wouldn’t) and do something new and different every day. It’s like you can see there little impressionable minds and personalities being moulded right before your eyes. I definitely think one of the biggest blessings of being a parent is having these little, unique moments where you just look at your child and laugh at how they react and handle situations, even if deep down you know you should be telling them if the ‘correct’ thing to say/do.

What kind of things do your children do that make you smile and laugh? 

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Christmas Tag! 

Since December 1st came stumbling into our organised everyday lives, Christmas has been on the brain. Especially for someone with children. As a first time mum and lover of Christmas I want to make sure this Christmas is extra special. That means watching Christmas films everyday because no one can judge you…it’s December after all, making super cute homemade decorations and making sure I blog about Christmas as much as possible because let’s face it before we know it we will be digging into Easter eggs. 

So after seeing Jodie’s blog over at Budget Beauty and Babies take part in a Christmas Tag I figured why not join in. So Christmas tree lights switched on? Check. Funky Christmas songs on in the background? Double check. Emergency glass of wine in hand? Check check. Okay, let’s do this! 

What is your favourite Christmas movie?

It’s got to The Grinch. You can’t beat it. It’s such a funny film, full of jokes and laugh out loud moments. I think Jim Carrey plays it so amazingly. I could watch that film all day, and the Grinch as a baby is just simply adorable. 

Do you open your Christmas presents in the morning or afternoon?

I always wake up early on Christmas morning. Even living alone and being an adult, knowing what your gifts are, I get that exciting feeling. There is something magical about Christmas morning, so it’s definitely present time. I don’t think I could wait until the afternoon, I’m so impatient. 

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I enjoy every Christmas. Well every Christmas since being with my boyfriend (together for 7 years). I had a tough childhood so he definitely put the Christmas spirit in me. I love the build up. Going to the Christmas markets, the busy Christmas shop, wrapping presents with Michael Bublè playing. Last year I received a gorgeous Pandora princess ring that was sold out everywhere, and I was super poorly at the end of my pregnancy so Christmas was a rough day spent in bed – this  gesture of gift really made me have a happy last Christmas just the two of us and gave me such a special memory. 

What is your favourite favourite festive food?

Im a lover of cheese so I love having a cheese plate when watching films. I also get these gorgeous Belgium pancakes with chocolate sauce at the Christmas markets every year. I’m not a sweet tooth person normally but these just have Christmas written all over them for me! 

What was your favourite Christmas gift?

I couldn’t possibly choose. Everyone is always so kind and thoughtful. I do love thoughtful presents though. My boyfriend always gets me a very special, meaningful piece of jewellery that ends up becoming my favourite ‘I cannot take this off it means too much kind’ of thing. I’m excited to receive my first Christmas present from my daughter this year.  

What is your favourite Christmas scent?

I love the smell when you get the decorations out. All musty and dusty. Just makes me feel like it’s fresh start time. You can beat the smell of Christmas dinner either. Yum. 

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

A few drinks with the family, then new cosy pjs on and watching the Polar Express in bed. This is a tradition I have always had with my boyfriend and this year we get to share it with our little girl. 

What tops your tree?

A homemade Angel I made with my little girl. It’s full of glitter and shiny things. 

What’s the best part of Christmas for you?

I love being with the people who mean something to you. Being sat down on the sofa, surrounded by love and laughter sipping on some nice champagne, it makes you think how lucky you are to have such a happy life. The best part of this year is definitely it being my daughters first Christmas. 

What are you looking forward to most this Christmas?

Wrapping my daughters gifts, watching her experience her first Christmas and making the best first memories for my little family I possibly can. And having Michael Bublè Christmas songs on repeat.  

Now that’s made me even more excited for Christmas. 

What are you looking forward too at Christmas time? 


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