Pregnancy Post:21 weeks.


I can’t believe I am over the half way mark of baby #2 already. I haven’t done a pregnancy post since 14 weeks, which you can read here, as I didn’t want to go over the same things too often. So first thing is first, we had a private gender scan done at 16 weeks as we were even more eager to know the sex of baby #2, which is weird as we never even had the urge for a private gender scan on our first baby. As you’ve probably guessed by the image above, we are having a girl! Our 22 month old daughter B is going to have a little sister. Although we secretly wanted a boy (does that make me bad for saying that?) we weren’t disheartened or upset that we were having another girl – all we care about is making sure the baby is healthy and safe! I love the idea of my little one having a little sister too – I think she is going to bond nicely with her. Before I dive in with answering questions, I thought I’d have a little rant, would I really be pregnant if I wasn’t a bit cranky. Anyway, before we found out the sex, the thing that really annoyed me was people constantly saying ‘oh you’ll have a girl, I can’t see you with a boy, you can always try again, you’ll have all girls’ and things like that. Okay, like I said it would be nice to have one of each and hopefully be done with it, but the fact I have been blessed with another daughter is amazing! I don’t know why people feel the need to say oh you’ll have to try again, like having 2 girls is a bad thing? Boy or girl, being pregnant is a wonderful and lucky experience that not everyone gets to go through – having two children of the same sex isn’t a ‘never mind’ moment. I suppose it’s like people giving you unwanted pregnancy advice, hormones run high on all matters I think! Moving on….

How Far Gone: 21+2

Know the Gender: Another little princess!

Cravings:  Actually don’t think I have anything in particular. I just feel my appetite is better, I’m hungry more often.

How are we feeling: To be honest, I still don’t think it’s really sunk it. We still haven’t bought anything (and for an usually organised me this is out of character). I think we are just focusing on Christmas and B’s birthday before Baby Fever takes over. With having a 22 month old, we don’t have much time to sit and dwell on things. We can’t imagine life with another little one – so still very much surreal.

Have you got a Bump and Feeling anything yet? I’m naturally small, being 5ft3 and 8 stone pre-pregnancy, I have a slim figure normally. So I’ve had a bump for a while now. But this past week it seems to have just became a bit more ‘pregnant’ and rounder. I feel lots of kicks and movements at night time mostly, but will get the odd thing through the day. It’s truly amazing still!

How are you Sleeping? You know what, not too bad. I mean I’m now starting to need to put the pillow under my belly when I’m on my side, but I’m never ‘uncomfortable’. Starting to wake for a wee a little more than usual too – but since I suffered PGP in my first pregnancy, this is a breeze.

Names you like:  Not the foggiest. It took us weeks to give our first daughter a name. For some reason we struggle finding girls names we like. Boys are a doddle, but I bet that’s always the way. We like very normal, traditional names that are just normal. Nothing like Ocean-Breeze or Rain-Cloud-Mae. Suggestions are welcome!

Birth Worries/Plan:  My first labour was an amazing experience. I was in the hospital for a total of 6 hours, had B after 4 hours of being in. I didn’t have stitches or pain relief. I’m hoping for the second labour to be like this – but my worry is they are going to be polar opposites. My plan really is to just stay calm, focus and let what is going to happen happen. It hurts either way so may as well try to embrace it. Eeek.

How did you find your second pregnancy in comparison to your first? Was labour what you expected/remembered the second time around?



B: You are now 1 year old!

Well. It’s happened. My bump turned into a baby and my baby has now turned into a fully fledged toddler- tottering around, tantrums and all. Bethany now has an official age (in years that is). My little girl is 1 year old. When Why Who Let How did this happen? Surely someone has pressed the fast forward button life. Me and the fiancé were chatting away on Sunday evening after a successful day celebrating her birthday when it hit me. I was pregnant in 2014. 2014. That’s a whole two years ago. Why oh why is time passing so quickly? And yes, I am tucking into a box of Thorntons chocolate as we speak and no they do not help the mini emotional breakdown I am having, but they’re so delicious I can’t stop piling them into my mouth.

After a very rushed and busy Saturday, which consisted of:

  • a cake smash photo shoot in the morning, picking up last minute gifts, finishing decorating our new living room (why I thought this was the organised thing to do I will never know), making sure party bags were finished ready for tomorrow and then wrapping the presents up

–  it was safe to say me and the other half were so ready for bed. But once in bed, I was reflecting on every little detail of what would have been happening at this point in time a year earlier. I couldn’t of ever dreamed of how much life would change or how much I could love my child.

Sunday morning arrives and queue the chorus of happy birthday being sung to Bethany as we go into her bedroom. She hasn’t a clue, but still is pleased with the lovely wake up call. With Christmas being only weeks ago, B still remembers about gifts and is extremely happy to see some waiting downstairs for her (although this makes me question if she will expect this every month now). She was very happy about having balloons, more so than the gifts. We bought her a toy pram to push around her little dolly, so as you can imagine she fit into the mother hen role straightaway. After opening gifts and face timing her closest family members (technology is a wonderful thing isn’t it), it was time for a nap and for me and the Dad to prepare the party food and decorations. We didn’t want to do anything too fancy for her first birthday as she is still so young, so we chose to have a small family gathering at our home, with the people who are important in B’s life. This way she was happy in her own home, surrounded by her own toys and familiar faces. It’s a perfect first birthday celebration to us.

B had the most amazing day. She adored walking around the house, seeing all her favourite faces staring down at her with beaming smiles and laughing away with her. She may only be one but we are confident she had a brilliant time, and it was certainly a lovely memory for us as parents. This past year has been an absolutely blast. I’ve made some amazing memories and loved every single second of every single day. My little one has her own personality now and is changing and learning everyday. I’m so excited to see what the next year will bring. I know I face many more challenges but I’m so proud of how far we have come as parents, and even prouder of the child we have raised. But for now, here’s a few of her achievements at 12 months:

  • Able to walk confidently and navigate herself around obstacles
  • Starting to self soothe and sleep better through the nights
  • Plays peekaboo with you
  • Can hold your hand and take you to what she wants
  • Drinks and feeds herself happily
  • Sings some nursery rhymes
  • Sits and reads through books with care, the right way up, babbling as she goes
  • Can draw pictures with chunky crayons
  • Knows how to brush her hair and teeth
  • Associates different actions to different people
  • Can shout her pet and some names

Oh and another personal mummy milestone was reached. I finished writing in my Bump to Birthday baby journal. It’s been my reflective, milestone keeper since the start of my pregnancy and now it’s all filled in and ready for Bethany to read and to keep when she’s older.

How do you celebrate your little one’s first birthday? Do you have any traditions? 

Christmas 2015: Our first family Christmas. 

Can you believe Christmas is over with? We build up to it so much and for so long, and in 24 short hours it’s gone in the blink of an eye. But that being said, I had a wonderful first Christmas as a family of three.

My little girl B is one in January so we didn’t want to go overboard on gifts because we knew we’d end up stuck on presents for her birthday. Plus with her being the baby we knew our families would spoil her, meaning no space for anything in our already tiny house (see I am organised). Christmas Eve was magical. We had a full day of Christmas films, festive food and wrapping gifts in the evening. Little B had a nice bubble bath, new Christmas pj’s on and then was tucked up in bed waiting for Santa to deliver her gifts. Unlucky for me, she was awake from half 1 until half 4 due to what I’m putting down to as teething, as she is clearly too young to be too excited…or is she? She was no trouble (and as it was Christmas Eve my mood was much chirpier than usual). We spent that time awake in bed, snuggled up watching The Gruffalo and reading some stories. 8am rolled around and the magic began.

How Santa squeezed down that tiny fireplace I will never know.

We deliberately asked ‘Santa’ to leave B’s gifts where her advent calendar had been. This is a place she had gone to every morning, knowing she will have a treat so when she came down and saw her calendar replaced with gifts, she was eager and curious to know what these things were. B had so much fun ripping the paper, with lots of encouraging cheers from her two overly excited parents of course. She was really happy to find lots of books (she is the biggest bookworm already), toys and jigsaws under all that bright paper. After a fun morning B tucked into a nice egg sandwich watching her favourite programmes, giving mum and dad time to get things organised to spend the day with family.

After all the gift opening, B tucked into Christmas dinner at her Nanna’s house. The house was pretty busy and loud (unusual for her as she is used to our quiet family of three meal times) so she didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought she would plus she wanted a nap. But still, she enjoyed it all the same. She likes to know what’s going on so focuses her attention elsewhere in busy places.

I did give her a plate, I promise. She just disregarded it immediately.

It was a truly wonderful day. I couldn’t dream up a better first Christmas for my little one. She saw everyone in her life who is important to her, got well and truly spoilt and spent the day dancing, eating and giggling. Christmas really is a time for family and now I am a mother, I truly understand the family aspect of Christmas. Oh and sidenote… Dad asked Mum to marry him. So it looks like our perfect family is going to be a complete unit. It was totally unexpected and I really couldn’t be happier, the picture is a touch blurry as it’s a still shot from the video. Now I have a first birthday and wedding to plan for.

Hoping everyone had an amazing Christmas. What did you all get up too?


Lovely Things


B Diaries: You are now 11 months.

No. It can’t be. Surely not. 11 beautiful months since my little B was born. It’s so cliche to say but time really does pass by so quickly. I’m getting slightly emotional thinking of where my small 7lb 11oz newborn has disappeared too, but very proud of all she has accomplished in her 11 months. Here goes…

Teeth: B got her first two teeth through no problem at four months old, so I thought teething was going to be a doddle…How wrong and naive. For months we sat and waited for another little peg to pop through, we have been lucky though and only had one bad teething night so far. But anyway this month it finally happened. Another little tooth has broken through, taking B up to a total of three teeth!

Physical: B has also started to stand by herself. She’s still a little wobbly and quickly sits down but her control is improving and her confidence is growing along with the duration of her standing each time. Each day she’s getting a little more confident in herself and it’s amazing to think how far she has come in 11 little months. She’s super confident and speedy at crawling, climbing, rolling, crushing, walking with her push along walker – you name it she’s doing it. And finally on 10th December 2015, a few steps have been taken! 

Communication:  B has always be a good communicator, well with me and her family anyway. She’s come on so much with her babbling. The latest words she’s trying to say are:  birdies, nod nod, bye, Bronson (our cat which comes out Wonnso). They aren’t clear or noticeable to others but we can now tell the difference between things she is saying. She’s much better at non verbal communication. She joins in enthusiastically with nursery rhymes too…wind the bobbin up she has mastered, actions and all. (See I’m well in up with pride and I used to be hard as nails pre-baby).

Sleep: B is still sleeping from around 8:15pm – 7:30am, but she has been waking up at some point in the night and not going back to sleep for an hour or so, or fighting with us before giving in. I really hope this is a stage that most mums have experienced and not sleep regression. She still has a good nap in the day, so I try to catch up on some sleep when I can. B seems happy enough though which is the main thing. It’s not a permanent thing is a mantra I am living by.

Eating: B is now very much wanting to feed herself now. Which makes it difficult for me, as a worrying mother I am I constantly feel as if she hasn’t ate enough. I also have to think of meal plans that include foods she can feed herself because she hasn’t mastered the coordination of a fork or spoon just yet. She is a very good eater, I’m yet to find a food she dislikes (hoping this continues). She is a big fan of corn on the cob at the moment. She experienced her first Nandos date with mum and dad (she only had mash and veg). B does go through days of not wanting to eat, and days of eating everything. I’m putting this down to teething. B drinks plenty of water and milk through her own sippy cup, only having one bottle at bedtime and maybe in the morning if she feels like it.

Favourite things:  B loves stories. Her favourite is The Gruffalo and I Love my Daddy. She also loves to play with bouncy balls or any ball of any sort. Bing Bunny is her absolute favourite CBeebies character and she does love a good Christmas song or anything she can dance too for that matter at the moment.

Not so favourite: B is 100% at that stage where she wants to do what she wants. She hates being told no. She will or tend to cry, before quickly getting distracted with a nearby toy. B doesn’t like very overcrowded, noisy rooms as we found out at her Uncles birthday party (she soon cheered up when she had a slice of pizza in her hand).

11 months done. Now to savour this final month before my little one is one year old. Wow.

Lots of Love

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Christmas Tag! 

Since December 1st came stumbling into our organised everyday lives, Christmas has been on the brain. Especially for someone with children. As a first time mum and lover of Christmas I want to make sure this Christmas is extra special. That means watching Christmas films everyday because no one can judge you…it’s December after all, making super cute homemade decorations and making sure I blog about Christmas as much as possible because let’s face it before we know it we will be digging into Easter eggs. 

So after seeing Jodie’s blog over at Budget Beauty and Babies take part in a Christmas Tag I figured why not join in. So Christmas tree lights switched on? Check. Funky Christmas songs on in the background? Double check. Emergency glass of wine in hand? Check check. Okay, let’s do this! 

What is your favourite Christmas movie?

It’s got to The Grinch. You can’t beat it. It’s such a funny film, full of jokes and laugh out loud moments. I think Jim Carrey plays it so amazingly. I could watch that film all day, and the Grinch as a baby is just simply adorable. 

Do you open your Christmas presents in the morning or afternoon?

I always wake up early on Christmas morning. Even living alone and being an adult, knowing what your gifts are, I get that exciting feeling. There is something magical about Christmas morning, so it’s definitely present time. I don’t think I could wait until the afternoon, I’m so impatient. 

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I enjoy every Christmas. Well every Christmas since being with my boyfriend (together for 7 years). I had a tough childhood so he definitely put the Christmas spirit in me. I love the build up. Going to the Christmas markets, the busy Christmas shop, wrapping presents with Michael Bublè playing. Last year I received a gorgeous Pandora princess ring that was sold out everywhere, and I was super poorly at the end of my pregnancy so Christmas was a rough day spent in bed – this  gesture of gift really made me have a happy last Christmas just the two of us and gave me such a special memory. 

What is your favourite favourite festive food?

Im a lover of cheese so I love having a cheese plate when watching films. I also get these gorgeous Belgium pancakes with chocolate sauce at the Christmas markets every year. I’m not a sweet tooth person normally but these just have Christmas written all over them for me! 

What was your favourite Christmas gift?

I couldn’t possibly choose. Everyone is always so kind and thoughtful. I do love thoughtful presents though. My boyfriend always gets me a very special, meaningful piece of jewellery that ends up becoming my favourite ‘I cannot take this off it means too much kind’ of thing. I’m excited to receive my first Christmas present from my daughter this year.  

What is your favourite Christmas scent?

I love the smell when you get the decorations out. All musty and dusty. Just makes me feel like it’s fresh start time. You can beat the smell of Christmas dinner either. Yum. 

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

A few drinks with the family, then new cosy pjs on and watching the Polar Express in bed. This is a tradition I have always had with my boyfriend and this year we get to share it with our little girl. 

What tops your tree?

A homemade Angel I made with my little girl. It’s full of glitter and shiny things. 

What’s the best part of Christmas for you?

I love being with the people who mean something to you. Being sat down on the sofa, surrounded by love and laughter sipping on some nice champagne, it makes you think how lucky you are to have such a happy life. The best part of this year is definitely it being my daughters first Christmas. 

What are you looking forward to most this Christmas?

Wrapping my daughters gifts, watching her experience her first Christmas and making the best first memories for my little family I possibly can. And having Michael Bublè Christmas songs on repeat.  

Now that’s made me even more excited for Christmas. 

What are you looking forward too at Christmas time? 


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