Autumn Favourites

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Summertime is over It’s Autumn.Little side note, this isn’t a post where I gloriously praise products and new clothes, as truth be told I haven’t bought anything new in weeks – and I haven’t bought anything specifically because it’s Autumn. Instead, here I will bask in all this Autumn like and little moments of joy Autumn brings to my simple life.

  1. Darker nights. I don’t know about you, but something about those darker nights really make me feel cosier. Especially on a Saturday night, just sat on the sofa with the family watching crappy Saturday night TV and with some comfy pjs on. Ah bliss.
  2. The colours. No one can mention Autumn without talking about the beautiful colours of the changing seasons. The amount of stunning pictures I’ve seen on my Instagram feed alone is enough to warm anyone’s heart. Truly, it is a season that makes you appreciate nature that little bit more.
  3. Stew and dumplings. For me, nothing says Autumn is here like a bowl of homemade beef stew with dumplings and a slice of bread. That is food that is good for your heart.
  4. Hot chocolates. Nothing beats coming in from a nice Autumn walk collecting leaves, acorns, conkers and sticks with your little ones and then sticking the kettle on and having a nice hot chocolate.
  5. Getting the comfy clothes out. Summer is over, not like we have much heat here in England, but Autumn see’s the big cosy coat brought out, along with your boots and scarf. Can you beat getting wrapped up and going on a nice walk in the crisp air?


Do you have a favourite thing about Autumn? Do you have any traditions you do in this season?

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Sunshine Blogger Award: My answers and nominations.

Isn’t it wonderful when someone thinks of you? Whether that’s thinking of you and giving you a phone call, popping in for a nice cup of tea or even surprising you a bunch of flowers randomly. We all like being thought about. Even more so in the blogging community. So I was absolutely delighted that my fellow blogger Mrs Mummy Harris (do give her a visit, she does so truly wonderful posts like this) tweeted me to inform me she had nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award. Many of you have probably stumbled across this, or even been nominated yourself well done if so, but it’s not an award that requires a trophy and speech but an award where five bloggers are nominated to answer ten questions (given to them by their nominated blogger) to answer in a new blog. So here we go, my ten questions and my five nominated bloggers!

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1) Who was your childhood celebrity crush? You know what, I don’t even recall. My only teenage crush that sticks out in my mind, and yes I’m still a sucker for him, is Cristiano Ronaldo (insert judgemental comments here). But in my defence, 1 – he isn’t a bad looking egg, and 2 – I fancied him when he was a spotty teen starting out. Gee.

2) What has been your favourite post that you’ve written to date? I like everything I write, except my early things as I didn’t have a clue about blogging or what to do or write. But recently I really enjoyed writing about the sitcom Friends and what I feel each character taught us. It was just a lighthearted, spur of the moment post.

3) What advice would you give to fellow bloggers? Don’t take things too seriously. Even if you want to blog as a career eventually. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the pressures, the numbers, the seriousness of it all. Just write for you, about what you want and build yourself that way. Take a break when needed. It does you and your blog, the world of good and stops you burning yourself out.

4) If you could survive on one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Food in general. No? Well being 17 weeks pregnant and it currently being lunchtime, I literally could survive on anything for life. But I do love a nice juicy cheese burger. Yum yum yum!

5) What song would you say is the soundtrack to your life? Oooh. This requires some thought. There are so many amazing songs. I really love Beyonces – I Was Here. That song just gives me goosebumps and chills, I think it is so meaningful and can mean anything to anyone. Really motivates me to do some good. I’m definitely more of a look to the future person than sit and mope about the past, so this is a good song for that.

6) Who would you get to play you in a movie? I used to get referenced to Elle Wood’s (Reece Witherspoon’s character in Legally Blonde), so I think I would get her to play me in a movie. She’s blonde, fun and I think she’d be a good fit.

7) What are your aims for your blog? Goodness, this is something I’ve never actually really sat down and given some thought. For now, I just want to blog for me. Build a small readership and become more established. In the far future, I would love to make my blog my work. I love the idea of having the opportunity to work from home, to be able to write for a living. Seems a long, winding journey but it’s definitely my goal. Lots of work to do though before that is anywhere in reach.

8) Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor? These questions are tough ones. Well as a former dancer, I love Strictly. The thing is, I think they really drag it out. I don’t like the cheesy little ‘promos’ before each couple dance and sometimes it’s a bit like oh just get on with it. That being said, X Factor is loosing my respect rapidly. Understand it’s an entertainment show but how can it question why it’s loosing viewers when they don’t put through real talent? That being said when I think about Saturday night TV, I think X Factor sat on the sofa with my Hub2Me. I think it’s 60%/40% Strictly though.

9) What came first, the chicken or the egg? I can’t even answer this. Is it weird this is something that me and Hub2Be discuss regularly!

10) If you could vote anyone in as Prime Minister, who would it be? Judge Rinder all day. I love him. After seeing him more on Strictly I think he is absolutely brilliant. So yeah, he has my vote!

Now for my five nominated bloggers:

Kimberley over at Oh Just My Little Blog

Kat at Confessions Of A Working Mum Site

Bridget on Bridie By The Sea

A Setra over at Mummy Setra

Claire at That Mumma Rocks

10 questions to answer:

  1. If you could be any age for a week, what age would you be and why?
  2. Do you have any nicknames? If so, how did you get them?
  3. Do you have any phobias?
  4. What’s one thing you regret?
  5. If you could make one wish, what would it be?
  6. Would you rather go back and change the past or know your future?
  7. What is your favourite festive holiday?
  8. What is your dream job?
  9. If you could give yourself one piece of advice at 16 years old, what would it be?
  10. Why did you start blogging?

Don’t forget to tweet me when your post is live so I can check it out!



Review of Club Hub UK app.


After the lovely founder of Club Hub UK  Tessa contacted me inviting me to take a peek and review her brand new app, I was excited to see what I would discover. The app, Club Hub, is the answer to all parents’ prayers and available free to download on iPhone and Android devices.  How many of us love taking our children to different clubs and activities, but aren’t aware of what’s on in our area or more than likely can’t be bothered searching across the vast number of websites leading or making a million phone calls trying to figure out what’s on, when and who for. It can be a task on its own, and that’s before any activity has even been attended. Enter Club Hub!


Club Hub provides parents with a quick and easy way to find out what’s happening near them. The easy search system gives results in seconds (and geographically listed, making it even easier to see what’s on nearest to you).


A quick enter of your child’s age, location and  the activity you are most interested in and huzzah, you are instantly given a list of different goings-on, personalised to your search criteria. After entering my search criteria, and my child’s age (I have a 1 year old) – only one activity matched up for me, a messy play group. Sidenote: After updating Club Hub on this, feedback was quickly received and they are reaching out to more activity providers in the area in the upcoming weeks, so that’s brilliant. Due to this, I decided to do a review based on living in the London, with a 1 year old instead.


Search results came up swiftly and with a lovely 21 results matching – which is fabulous and gives a bored parent lots of choice to keeping their child entertained for a day. Activities ranged from arts and crafts sessions to dance/music sessions to swimming sessions. Each activity takes you to a page filled with information, for the sake of the review I chose a dance class for my 21 month old. The information page tells you all you need to know about the class, from the time, day and price to the benefits it has to your child, along with the important contact information and of course directions.


This app is exceptionally helpful and easy, especially in our busy age of technology where we have the need to get information to us faster. Being an app that’s free to download on our phones, it’s perfect to satisfy this need and provides our children with lots to take part in too. It’s wonderful that the founder Tessa, who created this concept after struggling to advertise her own children’s drama group locally and freely, responds to parents who haven’t got many activities within their area (such as me but I suppose this is down to the app still being in the progress of branching out) and makes an effort to try and encourage activity groups within that area to sign up to Club Hub – not only making the app more successful but busy parents lives that little bit easier.

I would definitely recommend downloading, especially with the half term holidays quickly approaching. I truly haven’t come across another app like it. It’s fun, colourful and full of information. Always worth downloading to see what’s on in your area and the best thing is it’s free. Well done ClubHub!

Remember to give them a follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all things Club Hub related.

lollHave you ever heard of ClubHub? Will you be downloading to see what’s on in your area? What sounds most appealing about this app?

All views presented were my own and this is a non-paid review.

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Sleep regression or just a rough patch?

Today I have literally not sat down. It’s just been one of those days where you want to crawl back into bed and start over. But for all you parents out there, you know as well as I do that it just isn’t an option for us!

My Little B had a bit of a rough night you see, well she’s been having a tough time recently. The weather the past couple of weeks she’s just been a little under the weather – not really herself. She’s much harder to feed and entertain! On top of that I think she’s teething. She cut her first two teeth at 4 months old with no symptoms, but here we are at 10 months with still only those two little pegs. She had a really unsettled, unhappy teething experience a couple of weeks ago. It broke my heart. But anyway, back to the point, she has not been a happy bunny.With B feeling this way comes a noticeable change in her bedtime routine. Little B is usually quite a good sleeper, only needing me or Dad to tend to her a couple of times in a night, and by tend I mean a quick reassuring pat to let her know we are here or just a help changing position when’s she disorientated to help her resettle. She even started to self soothe, knew the difference between night and day, and started to crack having a good nap in the daytime. Oh and she usually slept from around 8pm-8am…well not this week.


This week my little precious daughter has decided she doesn’t want to be in her cot or that she doesn’t need sleep for that matter, leaving us parents the very unpleasant task of feeling like we are having to battle with her through the night. Last night she needed us to come into the room and settle her (put it resulted in us having to pick her up and rock her) a few times. Then at 2am, 4:15am and 5:30am she thought she would try to wake up. Enter very cranky parents and baby at 8am this morning. Then comes the very dreaded question everyone faces as parents… have I introduced my child into bad sleeping habits? With B being poorly and teething recently we let her sleep on us or shushed and rocked her (we would still put her down when she was sleepy and not asleep though). It was the only way she was able to settle – but now she’s slowly getting back to her usual self she doesn’t seem to want to go back to her old sleeping habits and would rather be in our arms, and rocked. Today when trying to get B dozing for her afternoon nap a usually quick, uncomplicated five minute task took me at least 45 minutes. It was exhausting for the both of us. I really do have lots of respect for those parent’s who don’t have the world’s most fantastic sleepers on a good week. and who are still able to keep their eyes open and look alive in the day. Four nights of this alone have made me so foggy headed, cranky and just not feeling very motivated, (goodness knows how many times I’ve had to change the words I’ve typed because they just don’t make any sense)!

So anyway, taking action before it gets any worse I downloaded The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley on my kindle to get some background knowledge about babies sleep and ways which parents can support them, just so I can form a kind of plan if you will in case this isn’t just a short term thing and my little B does start to go through sleep regression – I really don’t like the thought of letting her cry so after searching the kindle library I thought I’d give this a whirl. After I’ve had a read I’ll  blog a review! If my little one has started to regress and I do need to turn to the plan put in place with the No Cry Sleep Solution, I’ll log everything and share our experience!


Part of me thinks my little one is experiencing a bout of separation anxiety too! She’s very emotional when she isn’t close to me sometimes, which isn’t like her at all. She has started to dislike being in her walker or her high chair too! She gets more emotional with me rather than Daddy though, which is strange as we are both with her around the same amount of time…me just a touch more. I do have this app on my iPad called The Wonder Weeks and I think it’s extraordinary! It tells you exactly when your little one is experiencing a ‘leap’ in their development, what the leap is, the signs of this and what you can do to support them and help make this easier for them to complete. According to the app my little B is in her seventh leap of her development…and yes being cranky/grump/moody is a sign. With all this going on in her little life, she’s an emotional, uncooperative little darling at the minute.

Wonder weeks

So I’ve done it. I’ve actually finished today’s post running off little sleep and so far I’ve only had to see to little B once whilst she has been in her cot.Okay, my mind may have stopped working a couple of times, my train of thought may be a little delayed but hey it’s readable…right? Let”s hope we have a better night, more for her sake. I hate knowing she’s had a rough nights sleep – I know how important it is for her to have a good night’s sleep!

Do you think I’m overreacting? Does every baby have times like this? Do you think I’ve put little B in some bad sleep habits recently?

Please do leave me any comments or suggestions or advice to help me out. I love reading your own experiences too so do share them. Oh and follow me on twitter (@mumisthewordblg) for updates!

A letter to myself ten months ago. 


As my little ones first birthday looms uninvitedly on the horizon, I realise that time is not slowing down. Not now not ever. This makes me feel emotional, but good emotional. After looking back on pictures from life over the past ten months, I see how far I’ve come as a new mother and as a person. I’ve found myself more than I ever could have. I love myself and my body now more than I have in the past. I am proud. So here I am, fluffy pyjamas on, pad open and ready to pen my former sane self a letter. A letter with words of advice and support I wish I’d read back then. So deep breath, this could get emotional….
Dear me,
You did it. You’ve brought a beautiful bundle of joy into the world and what an experience it was. See it wasn’t as bad as you expected….okay maybe you didn’t know pain like that could exist but you feel happy about experiencing that pain right? The worlds a funny place. But now just relax. It’s okay to not want to get up off the couch, it’s okay to want to just eat chocolate and hey do not feel guilty for that. I know you’re probably wanting to rush out with baby in the trolley to show her off and show the world that you kicked childbirths butt – but slow down, you have enough time to do everything you want and more. There’s no time limit. Enjoy post-partum and all it brings, even the bad bits like the stinging when you have a wee (it gets better, but do take some cotton pads and warm water in a squeeze bottle to every toilet trip until so, it works wonders), you’ll soon be past this stage and it will only be a fond, distant memory. Make sure you relax, spend some time with your family of now three, these are new times for you all. Support each other! Don’t be scared to share your little baby with your family and friends, it’s okay for other people to help out with nappy changes and feeding – it doesn’t make you any less of a mother. I know it’s hard to see the most precious person in your world tucked up snugly and cuddling someone else, but she is still your child. And it’s normal to not want to share your little angel too! Don’t be afraid to cry. Especially when your baby is upset and you can’t figure out why, it’s something you will learn to understand. Be prepared for those injection appointments. You’re going to tell yourself you won’t cry…but you will. More than the baby. Embrace it. That’s motherhood. You will have visitors come round to see baby and the house will be filled with dirty nappies, clothes that need washing and dishes that need putting away – don’t be embarrassed, all new mums are likely to have this home after birth. Unless your superwoman in which case I applaud you and please teach me. Oh and all those super cute newborn clothes, shoes and sets you bought? Yeh not even half of those are going to be worn. Your baby is going to grow so quickly, she will be in size 6 month clothing before you know it. Speaking of 6 months nothing will give you greater joy than seeing your little one start to learn to roll over and react to the world…oh and don’t waste your money on food jars, do batch cooking for a healthier, cheaper option. Read some baby books and articles before she’s due to wean to give you a heads up. It’s much easier than trying to figure it all out whilst trying to understand weaning. Planning and preparation is key. Nothing gives you bigger satisfaction than seeing your child polish off a home cooked meal. Remember sleeping through won’t actually mean sleeping through. There’s a good chance you will be going into the nursery a few times for a few minutes of reassuring pats and cuddles at some point in the night but still no bottles and in her own cot is something to be extremely proud of. Sleeps can be tough for both of you. Remember your baby is learning how to sleep, be patient and grab whatever sleep you can. It will slowly creep up on you and before you know it your daydreaming about duvet days and long lost lie ins. Remember dad needs support too! But above all else remember, no one is perfect. Everyone was a beginner at one point. There’s no training to parenthood, there’s no manual – no matter how many books you read that insist they have ‘the secret’. You learn with every moment and what fantastic moments they are. Live every moment, cherish it and remember the little things like lying in bed with your little one holding your finger or learning how to kiss you for the first time. They really are priceless moments, moments you will never get back. Document everything, make scrapbooks, write blogs, take lots of photographs because before you know it your sat in your pjyamas, watching your ten month old play on her own in her own little world and thinking about the looming first birthday.

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