Pregnancy Post:21 weeks.


I can’t believe I am over the half way mark of baby #2 already. I haven’t done a pregnancy post since 14 weeks, which you can read here, as I didn’t want to go over the same things too often. So first thing is first, we had a private gender scan done at 16 weeks as we were even more eager to know the sex of baby #2, which is weird as we never even had the urge for a private gender scan on our first baby. As you’ve probably guessed by the image above, we are having a girl! Our 22 month old daughter B is going to have a little sister. Although we secretly wanted a boy (does that make me bad for saying that?) we weren’t disheartened or upset that we were having another girl – all we care about is making sure the baby is healthy and safe! I love the idea of my little one having a little sister too – I think she is going to bond nicely with her. Before I dive in with answering questions, I thought I’d have a little rant, would I really be pregnant if I wasn’t a bit cranky. Anyway, before we found out the sex, the thing that really annoyed me was people constantly saying ‘oh you’ll have a girl, I can’t see you with a boy, you can always try again, you’ll have all girls’ and things like that. Okay, like I said it would be nice to have one of each and hopefully be done with it, but the fact I have been blessed with another daughter is amazing! I don’t know why people feel the need to say oh you’ll have to try again, like having 2 girls is a bad thing? Boy or girl, being pregnant is a wonderful and lucky experience that not everyone gets to go through – having two children of the same sex isn’t a ‘never mind’ moment. I suppose it’s like people giving you unwanted pregnancy advice, hormones run high on all matters I think! Moving on….

How Far Gone: 21+2

Know the Gender: Another little princess!

Cravings:  Actually don’t think I have anything in particular. I just feel my appetite is better, I’m hungry more often.

How are we feeling: To be honest, I still don’t think it’s really sunk it. We still haven’t bought anything (and for an usually organised me this is out of character). I think we are just focusing on Christmas and B’s birthday before Baby Fever takes over. With having a 22 month old, we don’t have much time to sit and dwell on things. We can’t imagine life with another little one – so still very much surreal.

Have you got a Bump and Feeling anything yet? I’m naturally small, being 5ft3 and 8 stone pre-pregnancy, I have a slim figure normally. So I’ve had a bump for a while now. But this past week it seems to have just became a bit more ‘pregnant’ and rounder. I feel lots of kicks and movements at night time mostly, but will get the odd thing through the day. It’s truly amazing still!

How are you Sleeping? You know what, not too bad. I mean I’m now starting to need to put the pillow under my belly when I’m on my side, but I’m never ‘uncomfortable’. Starting to wake for a wee a little more than usual too – but since I suffered PGP in my first pregnancy, this is a breeze.

Names you like:  Not the foggiest. It took us weeks to give our first daughter a name. For some reason we struggle finding girls names we like. Boys are a doddle, but I bet that’s always the way. We like very normal, traditional names that are just normal. Nothing like Ocean-Breeze or Rain-Cloud-Mae. Suggestions are welcome!

Birth Worries/Plan:  My first labour was an amazing experience. I was in the hospital for a total of 6 hours, had B after 4 hours of being in. I didn’t have stitches or pain relief. I’m hoping for the second labour to be like this – but my worry is they are going to be polar opposites. My plan really is to just stay calm, focus and let what is going to happen happen. It hurts either way so may as well try to embrace it. Eeek.

How did you find your second pregnancy in comparison to your first? Was labour what you expected/remembered the second time around?



Make Friends with Change.

Do you ever sit and wonder if everything happens for a reason? I have. And I think I truly believe that too. I’m 23 years old. And the first 18 years of my life weren’t a walk in the park but I believe it’s best not to dwell on the negative or the past, and simply not let it define you. So more than I ever, I believe something is put in your path for a reason – no matter how positive, negative, upsetting or overwhelming. We are all human.

dandelion blowing with title

Recently, as it seems most years around this time, a bit of bad luck came our way. I knew it was coming. Well I didn’t. But for a few weeks, and if you have me on twitter you’ll have read, I just had this feeling that a black cloud was looming, ready to open and pour down on us. And it did. I’m a stay at home mum to a 22 month old, pregnant with baby #2 – and I am extremely lucky to be in this position and with my partner working to allow this. Here’s this thing, my partner ended up leaving his job. Just before Christmas, just before we were meant to purchase a family car, just after things seemed to be going dare I say it…well. It was a big, messy affair and he was glad to be out. I was happy the weight had been lifted from his shoulders, I could see on his face the relief he felt to be out of a toxic place but at the same time I was riddled with worry. What did this mean for our family? I couldn’t get a job being pregnant, childcare is expensive – no one would employ me (yes I know this isn’t allowed but come on who would?). Luckily we had enough funds to last us until January – but the time bomb was ticking away with every second.

It gave me a kick up the backside. I made a change after being in deep thought for a day or two. I enrolled on a course, distance learning, to finish my training to become a Early Years/Reception Teacher. I now do 3 mornings a week volunteering in a setting across the road from me, with the flexibility to complete the course within two years and change my days to suit around my family. And it’s all funded until I earn over a certain amount which is even better. I am carving myself a future slowly, thinking post-baby/toddlers, keeping myself busy and motivated to take the plunge and transition from SAHM to Working Mum after baby #2 is born.

Again, I believe everything happens for a reason. My partner landed another job after about 10 days of being out of his previous job. One he doesn’t dread, feels more positive about and another bonus of more hours and better pay. It also gave him a fire to get himself into a career he is passionate about and loves – something for him to work towards in the future.

So here I am. Still my brain feels like a muddled, messy baby brain and I still need to settle into the new routine until I can feel I can put my umbrella down from stormy November but it’s a start. It just once again proves, life gives you a challenges at every corner, don’t let it overcome or defeat you. Focus on moving forward and being productive – life truly is what you make of it. So my posts will only be twice a week as of now, I need to prioritise and let myself fall into a routine without adding pressure to myself – so do bear with me and thank you for your continued support. And for anyone going through a rough patch, things will get better, the fog will clear and you’ll see your rainbow soon.


What’s in a name?

Okay. We’ve all done it. We’ve all heard a baby name that we absolutely hate quietly dislike. We’ve all most definitely cried out ‘why would they call a baby that?’. Guilty. I know I have. But after reading an article about the backlash and criticism on one mother to be’s choice of baby name on an online forum, I actually sat and thought, why?

Why do we care so much about what someone else calls their child? Why must we form opinions on every detail of peoples lives? Who are we to say that name cannot be used to represent that baby?


The mother said she is going to called her baby girl Iris James. James being used as a middle name for the little tot. Sure, the mother put it on an online forum so it’s obvious that not all users are going to agree (I know surprise surprise the internet has trolls) but must the obvious be stated ‘it’s a boys name‘. Do you really believe the mother isn’t well aware that the name James is traditionally seen to be a boys name? Not so long ago actor and actress couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds called their bundle of pink James and the world made peace with that fairly quickly – so why is this mother being focused on for wanting the use of James within her daughters name, and more to the point what harm is it doing to anyone? You may say ‘the girl will grow up hating the name James, and get told she has a boys name’, but you have people who ‘normal’ boys/girls names who hate them like myself! You have school bullies rhyming off cruel nicknames to perfectly normal names – so the use of James isn’t going to make the world stop because it’s not the ‘correct’ way of using it, however that is meant to be. 

Like words, names change and evolve over time. Here’s a few names that used to be more commonly heard as boys names:

  • Hilary – 100% male name 1882, was a popular boys name until the 1940s
  • Sandy – 1880 this was 100% male name, shifted to 50/50 by 1930s
  • Beverley – in 1880’s this was a 100% male name, by 2012 it was a 100% female name
  • Alexis – this was once a hugely popular boys name, being 100% male in 1882
  • Kim – 100% male name in 1912
  • Paris – 100% male in 1991
  • Shannon – 100% name in 1881

So as you can see. Like many things. Things change, words evolve, meanings and ‘genders’ change. We live in an age where anyone can be anyone they want to be, anything they want to be, be referred to as anything they could possibly want to be. We are such a free, accepting world – well compared to 10 years ago. We all still have room to grow, but our views and opinions evolve more each day, so why can’t a mother chose to name their child a name that is seen to be a certain gender – without the public, noisy backlash.

If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. 


If you want to read the article, visit this or if you’re interested to see what other names have changed visit here.



Awesome Bloggers!

Blogging can be tough. Especially for a newbie blogger. Sometimes it feels all we do is promote, promote promote and results can be deflating. Blogging is also a world filled with support and love from other bloggers (which can be super empowering), so when Becky from The Lifestyle Blogger UK came up with a wonderful idea for a blogging collaboration, I was eager and excited to be involved. Awesome Bloggers is a blogging introduction series to help blogs reach a new readership, help build links and new relationships between bloggers and more importantly to have a little bit of fun. So do make sure you pop on over to any of the blogs below that appeal to you, leave a quick comment and show support. We all know how much this can bring a smile to someones face!

The Lifestyle Blogger UK

Becky is a beauty and lifestyle blogger based in the UK. Her blog is absolutely jam packed with honest reviews, life lessons, hacks, yummy recipes (I particularly like the Salted Caramel Brownie) and tips. Becky’s posts are brilliant, if you want a lighthearted lifestyle post to read, check out her thoughts on Toilet’s In America.  She’s worked with company’s such as Pandora, Ebay and Eat Sleep Doodle just to say the least, and her testimonial from these company’s are so positive. You can tell from her sites look and content that Becky is such a hard worker, so do check her out!ljj5_wvo

Polished by Leanne

As you can probably tell from the name of the site, Leanne over at Polished by Leanne, loves all things nails – which I think is super refreshing to see in the world of beauty. I mean seriously check out her incredible Blood Splattered Nails for Halloween, AND she still see’s herself as a novice. Pretty talented right? Leanne’s posts are so friendly to read, and she features beauty and lifestyle posts on the site too.  I really enjoyed reading Support Smaller Businesses This Christmas – not only does it make us super jealous of how organised she is starting Christmas shopping already but she gives us a lovely list of companies that could be lovely potential Christmas buys and her feedback/experience with those.polishedbyleanne-1

Steph Hannam

Steph has a degree in Interior Design so it goes without saying that her blog was going to include the element of interier, but she also writes about her other interests such as beauty, lifestyle and wedding planning. Her posts on Weddings are ones that I will be keenly watching out for with planning a wedding myself, so I excitedly read her Engagement Shoot. It was so nice to see London transformed, go check out the pictures and you will see what I mean!w0a4674.jpg

Zainab Travadi

If you are a lover of anything lifestyle, beauty or fashion, I would definitely pop on over to Zainab’s blog. When you first enter, the site is so simple and clear it makes navigation super easy and stress free. Her theme really does fit with her fashion and lifestyle niche. Zainab is great if you love celebrity style and checking out pictures of them in different outfits and situations – I enjoyed her round up on Emma Watson‘s street style. Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express is a product that I use so I was eager to read up what Zainab thought – I love how Zainab covers everything from product availability to her own opinions in terms of pros/cons. It’s a super detailed and very well loved beauty review post, so if that’s your thing…visit visit visit!tumblr_nmz2tgzrf31rlj45vo1_1280

Naomi Rowan

Naomi is a beauty, lifestyle and like me, a bit of everything goes blogger. You can see that when visiting her site. She covers tips such as How to use Twitter for your Blog to posts on her opinions about beauty products. I enjoyed reading about her Love Me Beauty box, she really writes in a friendly, easy to read way and it was interesting to see what she thought about each  product (and it made me realise that the box is well worth the money so it’s on my to do list I think!). If you do want to get a feel for Naomi a little more, check out her Liebster Award post – as you know this includes some fun facts and helps you learn about the blogger that little bit more. I learnt we both love the show Friends. What can you learn? 14139289_928105297293681_151655209_o

Beck Beauty XO

Upon gathering information for this blogger collab, I learnt that Beck Beauty XO is a new blog (it was a week old to be exact!).But that hasn’t stopped 21 year old Beck. Beck is a mother of 2 but that doesn’t define her blog. She created the page to help others like her understand that make up doesn’t have to be expensive and that you can love any brand! Beck is pretty much a pro-budget beauty blogger, and you know what I love that. When reading her beauty post on her Essence Haul, which she raided the sale box where products were as little as 10p, it’s clear that Beck is bang on trend with her love of nude nails.  I never even thought to visit Wilkinson’s for some cheap budget make up, so thanks for that Beck! Do visit her page. h

Jadey Lou xxx

Jadey Lou xxx is a beauty blogger. Her site is lovely and colourful and really moulds nicely with her brand. She aims to help other people like herself get the most out of beauty, helping them to get the best buys and products. I was interested to read her thoughts on Garnier Micellar Water after doing a review myself as part of my skincare regime – we shared similar thoughts on the product, but check out her review to see what you think. Jadey Lou has a great use of her own images, I think her post on Technic Make Up really showcases this, especially with the colour swatches on her eye. Lets the readers connect a little bit more with her reviews. But again, if your interested in lots of lovely reviews on beauty and all things related. Check her out! It’s clear she has a passion and I think she does a brilliant job!image-6

Han Meets World

Last but not least we have Han, over at Han Meets World, which is a lifestyle blog packed full of inspiration. Han has dedicated sections to her site, covering posts on Fashion, Healthy Eating, a section named ‘In The City’ which is enriched with lots of lovely inspiring personal posts and Business & Enterprise. I think my favourite section is In the City and in that section her post on her decision to move to London and the journey is brought, see Challenging My Identity. I think this post is one that really connects with the readers and helps us to see who Han is – and what her page is going to be about. She sets goals for herself, but also her words really inspire me. Go and have a root around on her page and see what appealing to you, there’s plenty to get your teeth into.


So there you have it. Eight absolutely AWESOME Bloggers, all tackling their chosen niches brilliantly. I could sit and ramble about their sites for ages, but the best way to truly understand what they do and how they do it is to visit! There is so much more to them all than their ‘niche’ title gives them, and all have such personal, friendly touches in each post. Share the love for these bloggers and pop on over, get some karma out in the bloggersphere!


Autumn Favourites

Autumn leaves in background and title text

Summertime is over It’s Autumn.Little side note, this isn’t a post where I gloriously praise products and new clothes, as truth be told I haven’t bought anything new in weeks – and I haven’t bought anything specifically because it’s Autumn. Instead, here I will bask in all this Autumn like and little moments of joy Autumn brings to my simple life.

  1. Darker nights. I don’t know about you, but something about those darker nights really make me feel cosier. Especially on a Saturday night, just sat on the sofa with the family watching crappy Saturday night TV and with some comfy pjs on. Ah bliss.
  2. The colours. No one can mention Autumn without talking about the beautiful colours of the changing seasons. The amount of stunning pictures I’ve seen on my Instagram feed alone is enough to warm anyone’s heart. Truly, it is a season that makes you appreciate nature that little bit more.
  3. Stew and dumplings. For me, nothing says Autumn is here like a bowl of homemade beef stew with dumplings and a slice of bread. That is food that is good for your heart.
  4. Hot chocolates. Nothing beats coming in from a nice Autumn walk collecting leaves, acorns, conkers and sticks with your little ones and then sticking the kettle on and having a nice hot chocolate.
  5. Getting the comfy clothes out. Summer is over, not like we have much heat here in England, but Autumn see’s the big cosy coat brought out, along with your boots and scarf. Can you beat getting wrapped up and going on a nice walk in the crisp air?


Do you have a favourite thing about Autumn? Do you have any traditions you do in this season?

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

7 things you may not know about Bonfire Night.

Last month, I did a fun themed post. I researched a little bit about Halloween and where our traditions came from, if your interested you can have a read here. It was received really well, and led to me being asked to do a Bonfire related one if I had the chance. Heard and noted, loud and clear. Again like my previous fun fact post, I don’t claim that these are the absolute truth or facts, it’s just a bit of fun. So let’s dive in and get some fun facts about why we ‘remember remember the 5th of November’:

firework display and title text

  1. 36 barrels of gunpowder were to be used during the attempt to blow up Parliament. Some say this would be plenty, whereas others argue that the gunpowder was too old and wouldn’t have exploded as expected.
  2. An anonymous letter was sent to a baron, telling him to avoid the House of Lords on 5th November. This letter was made public and led to the search and discovery of the Gun Powder Plot.
  3. Guy Fawkes was arrested whilst guarding the gun powder (which was hidden under wood and coal) underneath Parliament. Talk about being caught red handed.
  4. The plot aimed to kill the protestant King James I, and replace him with a catholic Queen.
  5. Guy Fawkes was 35 years old and not the ring leader of the plot. He was tortured in the Tower of London until he revealed the names of his other conspirators. Though, they were all due to be executed, Fawkes jumped from the hangman’s scaffolding and broke his neck.
  6. Firework celebrations were allowed with permission of King James I, to celebrate his survival.
  7. The cellar where the plot took place no longer exists as it was destroyed in a fire in 1834.

I found some of them really interesting, I never knew that Guy Fawkes wasn’t the ring leader. If you aren’t familiar with Bonfire Night/Firework Day then check out this article by BBC Newsround to get some what informed with a piece of British history.


Did you know any of these fun facts? Do you have any fun facts of your own about Bonfire Night? Do you have any traditions you follow?

Twin Mummy and Daddy

Goals of November.

November has arrived.

laptop on desk with title text over

2016 is just speeding by. October was a month of mixed emotions and events for me. I had some downs and tears but some great moments and memories too (finding out the gender of baby #2 especially made October special). On the blogging front I achieved some small milestones that made me especially proud, like:

They are relatively small achievements, but ones that have made me super proud and happy especially as I put lots of blogging effort in throughout October. Reflecting has made me aware of these achievements and given me a bit of motivation to continue on in the direction I am going. November isn’t usually a positive month of me. This time last year, we found out that our landlord was selling and we needed to be out of the house for January (which over the Christmas period wasn’t ideal as you can imagine and I cannot believe it’s been a year), it’s also the fifteenth year anniversary of my mothers death too. So you can see why I am a bit gloomy going into this eleventh month of the year. With it being the beginning of the month I thought it was perfect to set some new goals and go into November with a positive mind. Here we go:

  • Hit 2000 Twitter followers
  • Hit 200 followers on Instagram (this is my newest social media platform so want to be realistic) 
  • Reach 50 followers on Pinterest
  • Beat Octobers monthly views
  • Post at least three times a week
  • By the end of November, have a least first week of December’s posts scheduled (eek I can’t believe it’s December next month!)
  • Take part in a twitter chat at least once a week

Again, these are small goals but I would rather be realistic and have a shot at hitting them, then deflate myself if I fail to do so as they were so unreachable. So November, let’s be having you!


Do you have any achievements you are proud of from October? Do you have a particular goal you want to reach by the end of November?