I’m Lex. I’m 23, a Taurus and firm lover of cheese. You should know I’m a first time mum to a cheeky little girl (who here is referred to as B), so I make mistakes and learn new things on a daily basis. I’m also engaged to be married to my childhood sweetheart, often spoke about here as hub-to-be or C.N. Oh and our family is also expanding with a new arrival due April 2017, which is super exciting.

NoManualToMummy is a blog based around everyday family life, my journey through not only motherhood but adulthood, along with the odd lifestyle/unplanned rambling muse. I created this page as a place for me to unload my thoughts, clear my mind and provide me with some ‘me time’ – it’s a bonus if it helps keeps me sane through motherhood. This page is first and foremost a friendly, non-judging and honest environment. I hope to write as a friend, and with a welcoming tone that is authentic. I am not an expert or professional in any subject I cover (nor do I claim to be), I purely write to express myself and connect to others (hopefully).

This page is relatively new in comparison to other blogs, so do please be patient and bear with it. I hope to achieve my goals of making this blog a successful site with a loyal readership.

Feel free to get in touch to work with me or with any queries at nomanualtomummy@hotmail.com