Pregnancy and Labour Story. 

 I thought this morning I’d take you on the journey of how me and my daughter Little B, got to where we are today – just to introduce us more I suppose.

So there I was, April 2014 in my works toilets with a positive pregnancy test in my hand. As you hear all the time I had a thousand thoughts running through my head… but overall I was happy. I was in a stable, long term relationship, had a job and a house. I wasn’t sure how the next nine months of life was going to pan out but I did know that my little jelly bean setting up camp in my uterus was going to be brought into a world filled with love. Top Tip: I bought this Bump to Birthday Journal and it’s personally a best buy. It helps to record your pregnancy week my week and has lots of additional pages for information and carries on. Check it out!

20 weeks later we find out that we are going to have a beautiful baby girl – which was a complete and utter shock. My boyriend’s family is filled with boys, they hardly have any girls and they certainly didn’t have any young baby girls. It took a while to get our head around the fact we now had a daughter rather than an ‘it’. We had only discussed boys names, so this opened a whole new can of worms. Who knew choosing a name for your child could be so difficult? I mean this is the naming somebody – it’s a pretty big decision and just between me and you, my mother could of chosen a better name for myself; so for this reason I just had to choose a perfect name! If you’re looking for a baby name, have a look here.

Anyway, fast forward 10 weeks and there I am 30 weeks pregnant looking at a 4D image of my daughter on the screen. How surreal are those scans? How can that even be possible? It made me feel so happy inside. What didn’t make me happy however was losing my phone in all the excitement – queue breaking down and getting worked up about all the memories and photographs I would have lost. BUT faith in humanity was restored when someone found my phone and gave my boyfriend (who had been constantly phoning it to see if anyone picks up) a phone call back. So I went a little off topic then but it’s nice when something like that happens. 

40 weeks pregnant and 3 days and it started. Labour. I’m not going to lie to you all, it was a pain that I couldn’t imagine, but it was a pain that was so rewarding and worth it. I had a tough pregnancy, having to leave work early and then finding out I had PGP, I just wanted the baby to come more than anything but was scared of a bad experience in labour. I wasn’t scared of labour though because I knew there was going to be pain, I expected it and I welcomed it. Maybe this is why I had such a good labour. I was contracting from the Friday at around 2pm, but not regularly but then throughout the day they were more prominent. By 11pm, I had to go home from a family dinner and try to rest. I couldn’t sleep though. My contractions at this point were only around every 15 minutes, but slowly they got nearer. By 2am I was having them every 10 minutes but they were only lasting around 30 – 40 seconds and my hospital wanted me to try and get them to last 1 minute. None the less I went up anyway. I had this great pregnancy app on my phone called Pregnancy Plus, it helped me make lists and even time my contractions. Check out NetMums Top Pregnancy Apps if you’re looking to download one.

I arrived at my maternity unit and get checked over. Yep I was in labour, but they couldn’t feel my cervix at all. So I had a walk for an hour, came back and still they couldn’t feel anything. 4am, I went home. At home I was pacing around. I tried a bath because I love them and heard they work wonders and I hated it! By 11am I was crawling on the floor. My contractions were still only about 10 minutes apart but lasting well over a minute. My boyfriend was urging me to go back to the hospital but I wanted to stay as long as I could. He phoned anyway and there I was back at the hospital but this time in the birthing centre. As I arrived in my room I was admitted at 12pm and then I started pushing at around 3pm. By 3.50pm I had my beautiful baby girl.

I did it. I gave birth. No pain relief, stood up and hardly any shouting and screaming. I’m pretty proud about that. They dont tell you about the aftermath of birth though, the blood, the pads, the stinging when you go for a wee. Wow, it really was something. But it was something that I was so special to experience and so blessed to have the experience I did. Almost 10 months on and I still look at this so fondly and I always will.

Now having a newborn, then a 6 month old crawler turn into a 9 month cruiser is another story….. watch this space!


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12 thoughts on “Pregnancy and Labour Story. 

  1. Pregnancy, what can I say? My wife keeps telling me (even after all this time) that I’ll never understand how much pain she went through. And thinking about it, she’s absolutely right!

    I remember both occasions when we looked at the little blue line on the pregnancy tester. Each one provided us with different experiences, one of expectation, whilst the other was of shock, tears and joy.

    Whilst my defence as a man is “It’s not my fault that’s all I have to do”, deep down, I do actually feel for you Ladies that have to go through the experience of pregnancy.

    I also believe this is why there is a stronger bond between Mother and child than that of Father and child. Mothers have had nine months longer to get to know their child.

    Thanks for sharing. Nice post. #KCACOLS

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  2. What a lovely post!! It is such an experience having kids right? You are so brave, you managed the whole labour without epidural! wow!! I had a totally different experience than you. My first time, wasn’t that straight forward as I was in labour for 24 hrs!! Oh Dear that was eternal!! I asked for a epidural as I was really suffering. And at the end I had an emergency c-section as my baby was in distressed! The whole experience for me was traumatic so for my 2nd time around I had a programmed c-section and everything went so smooth and easy!! I was back home the next day!! All went great! I had 2 opposite experiences! So crazy right? Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I’m so happy to have you here! 🙂 xx

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  3. What a lovely post to read! Sounds like you had a really good experience (and I totally agree with you about after the birth – I had an almost-third degree tear (“with branches” apparently) and god recovering from the birth was a nightmare! #KCACOLS

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  4. Oh my God I so needed to read this post this morning! I am 39+2 (although we think they cocked up my due date and more likely to be 39+5) and patiently (!) waiting for my first baby. I love your honesty in this post and reading something like this makes me feel less scared and more confident about impending labour. Thank you so much for sharing and now I’m going to have a read of your other posts. Xxx #justanotherlinky

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  5. Lovely birth story and great first birth experience! Well done you, im so impressed!! Im hoping for something like that the next time round, I wasnt so lucky with my first. They say no two births are the same so im really hoping thats true 🙂 Emily #KCACOLS.

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