The awkward first post.


So today I woke up. I know this is hardly breaking news but today I woke up.

Life can deal a terrible set of cards at times and my goodness I’ve had my fair share of busts, but today I woke up and thought… I am healthy, I have a beautiful daughter and things could be a lot worse. So after a very organised yet stressful morning (you know the kind where you have every intention to make yourself look presentable but in reality you’re dripping in sweat from rushing to the 67543 places you needed to go), I sat down, laptop open and thought it’s time to introduce blogging into my life. I need a hobby to keep me sane and what’s better than rambling about all things life.

Being a mum at 22 was never the ‘plan’ but sometimes life just throws you curveballs that end up being the best things for you. To be honest I never had a set plan of how I expected my life to go, despite the fact I claim to be an organised, logical person. It’s always been pretty touch and go from being young. But back to the point, my little one came along in January 2015 and my life changed and made sense finally. It is pretty cliche but, and I’m going to type this through squinty ‘I can’t believe I’m saying this cheesy line‘ eyes – you don’t know love until you have a child….even when you’re rocking them back to sleep for the 25th time at 4am.

So anyway, introductions aside I thought I’d just do a short post to say welcome to my blog. I’ll be posting when I can and about motherhood, life and anything that pops up and gets my juices flowing. So maybe I don’t know the direction this is going right now – but its a starting point, let’s see where it takes me. I just hope to be a fun, happy place where I can log my daily doings, daughters milestones and vent.

Here it is. My first post. Now let’s see where this takes me.

Lots of Love


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