5 quotes to embrace happiness.


Sunday is often a day we reflect, make plans for the following week and mull over the week we have just had. I’ve seen some small improvements and successes in my blog (well I like to think) and this makes me proud, positive and happy. So on that note why not keep it nice and light – rounding off the week with some quotes that make us feel all happy and mushy inside. Here’s five of my best:

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Each quote can relate and mean something different to every person, so I’m not going to say what they mean to me as this s purely a reflection post. Instead I’ll leave you with this, remember that there is only one of you in this world and you are brilliant. Learn to love yourself, overly love those important to you, remember making mistakes is human, learn from you every day. You’re your own best teacher. Embrace you. Be happy!


What makes you happy? Do you have a favourite happiness quote? Anything this week that has lifted your spirits?


Is Social Media ruining our ability to socialise?

The internet has 3.17 billion users. Let that number sink in. Now 2.3 billion of those users are active on social media. After reading an interesting article on 96 Amazing Social Media Statistics and Facts for 2016, I  quickly got dragged into a deep wormhole of thought. Technology is evidently everywhere. Our society is one providing information we need want at the open of an app. Gone are the days people discovered news from a newspaper delivery to their homes. What’s more social media is obviously reigning supreme, and human interaction is feebly trying to hold on.

Man on phone on train

How many of us interact with others through social media everyday? Be it replying to a tweet, getting involved in a twitter chat, responding to comments on any platform or even Whats App’ing and text messaging as they loosely fall under this category too. We all do it. What’s more we all do it every single day. A lot. Especially if your hobby and/or business is internet/technology based. It’s a must in order to keep active and present, fully understandable too but do we know when to truly switch to sleep mode on social media and technology? Or is it a concept that’s lost to us. We make a conscious decision every day to be involved in the world of social media, can we say the same about regular human interactions?

Did you know that according to a 2015 report in The Telegraph , the average person has not one but FIVE social media accounts and can spend upwards of 1 hour and 40 minutes a day skimming through them, if you’re a Briton it’s likely to be 1 hour and 20 minutes across FOUR social media accounts. How insane is that? These days how many of you spend 1 hour and 20 minutes a day socialising in person, (your child, pet, husband or someone in your household who you speak to everyday does not count). I mean – how many of us make an effort to actually make plans, to go out and actually connect with someone in person and what’s more want too. I’ll admit it, I don’t. And if you are one of those people who do (firstly I truly applaud you and your superhuman abilities) how many times do you take out your phone and scroll through during? Again, guilty!

Recently I deleted my personal Facebook account. A rash decision after sitting musing one day over how many of the people on there do I actually consider to be a friend? Not an old school friend or childhood friend who you found online, not a work colleague you make small talk with over the morning coffee break or a friend of a friend. How many are actual friends? People who make an effort to be in my daughters life, people who I could phone at 3am during an emergency, people who I would make plans with. Don’t get me wrong social media can be, and indeed is a wonderful platform for connecting with family members who live far away but let’s be honest, many of us have social media skills better than actual people skills. Flicking through my newsfeed I found myself thinking, why am I on here (as a personal account)? What am I actually gaining, because time clearly isn’t one of them. Social media is clearly robbing me of my free time. I sit reading about other peoples lives day in day out, checking it like a morning newspaper, ‘liking’ all the fun things people are up too ( on social media whilst  on these outings too might I add) and simply feel as if I’m shutting off from my own life and my ability to make plans. Where is the logic in that? So I did it. I cut it out and made a commitment to actually socialise more. Be it a lunch date, a phone call, a quick trip to the local park with fellow mummy friends – I made a change.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying social media is something we need to shut out of our lives, because it’s been very beneficial to me and it is indeed very important to many people in terms of connecting to loved ones. I just mean do we really need to stare at our screens as much as we do. Do we really need to check our notifications first thing in a morning and last at night? Are we missing out on actual life?  Through apps we can’t see our friends/family laugh, react and respond to us, we don’t get to react and feel in response to this – we are bypassing interacting and feeling on a human level. Some days, my hub to be sits scrolling through his news feed, reading pretty generic and repetitive updates,  missing out on our daughter screeching singing and dancing to Frozen’s Let It Go (maybe this is why he was scrolling through hmm). Something that seems so small and insignificant but when our children grow, it’s moments like that we are wish to relive.

So I say, make plans. Live in the moment that little bit more. Arrange a family day out without any social media, commit to a date night without looking at your phone (and if you do, you are dumped with the bill), connect with your friend over lunch rather than Whats App. Even make the effort to send a phone call rather than send a text. Commit to making more of a human interaction, to feeling. Set an example to our younger generation that you don’t need to socialise through a phone or computer. That it’s good for the soul to be able to take a break and what’s more, know when a break is needed to bring the balance back to your life.

Time is gone in the blink of an eye. Don’t let social media/apps/technology steal more than it needs too.


All images used were taken from canva as a free image. 

How often do you use social media purely for entertainment? Do you think you can afford to cut back on the usage? What would you like to change about your social media to socialising life?

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Homemade & Hearty: Slow Cooker Chilli for the Family.

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As you all are probably well aware, slow cookers are the new microwaves. They provide us with a quick, simple way to prepare a dinner for the family. I love using mine, but since hub-to-be had been requesting chilli for a good week or so – I thought I’d share my own simple recipe. I love recipes such a chilli as they are so cheap to make (especially when you shop on a budget like us) but still taste great, and what’s more they are perfect for this autumn weather. It’s best mentioning I have no qualifications/professions within this subject, I cook for fun and to feed my family – so I don’t claim to have the best recipe. Without further ado… here goes. My first food post!



  • Beef mince (500g is enough for us)
  • 1 tin of kidney beans
  • 1 tin of chopped tomatoes
  • 1 onion (diced)
  • 1 green pepper (chopped into small chunks)
  • Oxo cubes (I add according to taste)
  • Tomato puree
  • Brown rice (we prefer this but white is fine)
  • Olive oil (to lightly cook meat before cooker)
  • Paprika seasoning
  • Chilli seasoning
  • Salt and pepper
  • Boiling water
  • Gravy granules


  1. Lightly fry the mince meat in a little olive oil, careful not to brown too much. You just want to take some of the pink colouring off (tip: I like to add an oxo cube and a small amount of salt and pepper at this point)
  2. Add the chopped onions and chopped pepper to soften up for a couple of minutes.
  3. Put pan contents in the slow cooker
  4. Add the tin of chopped tomatoes and kidney beans to the slow cooker
  5. Add a small amount of tomato puree and stir until together nicely
  6. Now add boiling water to the slow cooker (enough to just cover the ingredients)
  7. Add a couple of oxo cubes and some gravy granules to the pot (not so much to thicken just get, but enough for the meats to take in the beefy flavour whilst slow cooking)
  8. Add a little of the paprika
  9. Leave for a few hours (can be left all day if going to work, but as a SAHM I only leave it a few hours)image3
  10. Boil the amount of rice you need
  11. Just before you are ready to serve, thicken the mix with gravy granules to your preferred consistency
  12. Add paprika to taste
  13. Add chilli to taste (I don’t like spice and my 21 month old doesn’t have any, so I add this after I have divided it up so hub-to-be can enjoy)
  14. Serve in a bowl (it’s lovely with a small amount of grated cheese on top and a buttered baguette to dip)


I do like to freeze any left over chilli, ready to eat on a night I just don’t have the energy. But if you are doing this, remember to make sure the food has completely cooled before freezing – and that it is piping hot before serving.

So there you have it. My homemade recipe for a nice, hearty slow cooked chilli for the family to enjoy. It’s great and simple to make in bulk if you have people over too.

lollWhat’s your favourite recipes to do in the slow cooker? Do you have any preferred seasonal meals?


Review of Club Hub UK app.


After the lovely founder of Club Hub UK  Tessa contacted me inviting me to take a peek and review her brand new app, I was excited to see what I would discover. The app, Club Hub, is the answer to all parents’ prayers and available free to download on iPhone and Android devices.  How many of us love taking our children to different clubs and activities, but aren’t aware of what’s on in our area or more than likely can’t be bothered searching across the vast number of websites leading or making a million phone calls trying to figure out what’s on, when and who for. It can be a task on its own, and that’s before any activity has even been attended. Enter Club Hub!


Club Hub provides parents with a quick and easy way to find out what’s happening near them. The easy search system gives results in seconds (and geographically listed, making it even easier to see what’s on nearest to you).


A quick enter of your child’s age, location and  the activity you are most interested in and huzzah, you are instantly given a list of different goings-on, personalised to your search criteria. After entering my search criteria, and my child’s age (I have a 1 year old) – only one activity matched up for me, a messy play group. Sidenote: After updating Club Hub on this, feedback was quickly received and they are reaching out to more activity providers in the area in the upcoming weeks, so that’s brilliant. Due to this, I decided to do a review based on living in the London, with a 1 year old instead.


Search results came up swiftly and with a lovely 21 results matching – which is fabulous and gives a bored parent lots of choice to keeping their child entertained for a day. Activities ranged from arts and crafts sessions to dance/music sessions to swimming sessions. Each activity takes you to a page filled with information, for the sake of the review I chose a dance class for my 21 month old. The information page tells you all you need to know about the class, from the time, day and price to the benefits it has to your child, along with the important contact information and of course directions.


This app is exceptionally helpful and easy, especially in our busy age of technology where we have the need to get information to us faster. Being an app that’s free to download on our phones, it’s perfect to satisfy this need and provides our children with lots to take part in too. It’s wonderful that the founder Tessa, who created this concept after struggling to advertise her own children’s drama group locally and freely, responds to parents who haven’t got many activities within their area (such as me but I suppose this is down to the app still being in the progress of branching out) and makes an effort to try and encourage activity groups within that area to sign up to Club Hub – not only making the app more successful but busy parents lives that little bit easier.

I would definitely recommend downloading, especially with the half term holidays quickly approaching. I truly haven’t come across another app like it. It’s fun, colourful and full of information. Always worth downloading to see what’s on in your area and the best thing is it’s free. Well done ClubHub!

Remember to give them a follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all things Club Hub related.

lollHave you ever heard of ClubHub? Will you be downloading to see what’s on in your area? What sounds most appealing about this app?

All views presented were my own and this is a non-paid review.

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7 times Disney drove me mad.

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Right off the bat I’ll admit it. I love Disney (everyone does right?). But sometimes when watching these good for your soul, heart warming films  – you just stop for a minute and think ‘well that’s stupid’. Now I’m probably not the first person or the last person to notice these annoying plots lines but since my 21 month old is discovering Disney (and by discovering I mean watching nothing other than Disney expect the odd Peppa Pig episode), I feel it’s good for my parenting spirit to have a good old moan. Here are 7 times that Disney drove me mad:


1. Beauty and the Beast – we know that the Beast becomes who he is by turning away the disguised enchantress, who labels him as unkind and with no love in his heart. The spell is set to end when he turns 21 years of age. We even see the magical rose wilt, so we know that this date is looming. Fair enough right? BUT in the song ‘Be Our Guest’ the lyric says ‘ten years we’ve been rusting’ meaning that the Beast was a mere 10/11 year old boy when he answered the door and refused to let the strange woman in (and a pretty old looking one if we are going off the portrait of him hanging around the dusty castle) . Pretty standard 101 stranger danger though right? He did the right thing if you ask me. She seems like she has some issues with children to be honest. Oh and whilst we are at it –  what Prince opens his own palace door anyway with all that staff roaming around. I don’t buy it Disney.


2. Cinderella – now this really confuses me. I can’t watch this movie without saying this at one point. We all know the story, even if you’ve never watched the movie. Cinderella can’t go to the ball because of her super mean step family, Godmother turns up bibbity bobbity boop, Cinderella is transformed with all the required things she needs to go to the ball, ‘be back at Midnight’ yada yada yada. All is well. Come midnight, we see the dress, the carriage, horses, you name it all disappear back into it’s original state of nothingness…so how in the name of it, is a glass slipper able to just sit patiently on the ground waiting for Prince Charming to scoop it up. How?!


3. Frozen – this one is annoying as hell to be anyway if nothing else. So we all know Frozen (many of us not by our own choice) and how Elsa has powers she doesn’t understand and can’t control, so the choice is made to close her off from the world. Que annoying little sister Anna, knocking on her door everyday for god knows how many years and singing that song bloody snowman song (no wonder Elsa didn’t want to come out). The most annoying thing about all of this to me is…Anna is perfectly normal. Why can’t she go out? Make some friends? Take a trip? Live her life? Instead of clinging on to her sister and basically shutting herself off from the world. No sympathy for her. Seem’s like she’s making it all about her if I’m honest. No one said she had to be a prisoner. All woe me isn’t she?


4. Hercules – remember how Hercules not only saved the whole entire world, but was the only one who could do so and then just gave up his God status, that he worked so hard to gain back. Just so he could be with Meg who might I add probably definitely wouldn’t have even been interested in him if he wasn’t a God in the first place (I know boo me for beating down their relationship). Wouldn’t mind but Hercules spends the whole entire film singing and moaning about how he doesn’t fit in and all that jazz. When it all goes tits up, ends in a nasty divorce and you have nothing to fall back on because you missed your chance to connect with your family, don’t come crying to us Herc.


5. 101 Dalmatians – so we know the main plot line of Cruella de Ville wanting the puppies for a coat and that’s not my main issue in this film. The thing that really bugs me is why do Roger and Anita want to keep that many dogs?  I mean there house looks tiny, obviously there not going to fit 101 fully grown dalmatians in there, who could. Not like they life in a big grassy area either. The amount of money they are going to spend on vets bills, dog walkers and pet care is clearly a big no no for that many dogs straight away. What do they possibly need that many dogs for? It annoys me. I’m good with a baby, a bump and a cat.


6. Aladdin – aaah Aladdin. Okay Aladdin uses one of his wishes to become a Prince. All is fine and well right? WRONG. He then moans he won’t be able to keep up with this charade and won’t be able to set the genie free because of that reason. Okay. Anyway moving on, all is well and in the end the Sultan allows Jasmine to choose who ever she wishes to marry, obviously our main guy Al is the one. But isn’t he technically already a Prince since he wished for it and it was granted? He just chose to go back to being a civilian. Waste of the wish if you ask me.


7. Tangled – this is by far by my daughters favourite film at the moment, and I have literally watched it 4 times a day for the past week, so yeah, some things are really starting to get on my last nerve. Firstly let’s get one thing straight, King and Queen I’m talking to you here – you live in a castle and you’ve just had a baby, you either have a)a night nanny or b)guards constantly on watch of the baby. You certainly don’t sleep with your window and doors unlocked so crazy women can get in easily and undetected. Moving onto Rapunzel herself, if you have hair that long, you’re getting it caught in everything and on anything. Especially just freely running and wandering around the woods like it’s no big deal. You’d definitely have had that short brown do year’s earlier because you’d have to cut the knots out of hair that long I’m telling you (how short does it go when those kid’s braid it too). The thing that really annoys me though, Mother Gothel, is if you’re going to kidnap and hide away this princess, why would you give her the real birthday?! She wouldn’t want to see the lanterns on her birthday otherwise so you brought that on yourself. Stupid. Sidenote – if I had spent 18 years of my life growing this magical long hair and Eugene just cut if all off not even in a style, I wouldn’t be marrying him.

There we have it. Just a few of the things that get me feeling all sullen and huffy when watching this small selection of the Disney movies.


Do you have a particular Disney movie that annoys you for a certain reason? Why can’t they just make these films as flawless as we need them to be? What’s your favourite movie?

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